Are you doing wholesale?

In the past I have done a lot, worldwide. In fact, my former company Nallik started with a huge wholesale order from Anthropologie in 2011 and was followed by The Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong, Bow & Arrow in Byron Bay, Australia, Wolf & Badger in London, Steven Alan and Sucre, New York, Galleries Lafayette Berlin and many more.

But, I have shifted my focus on the one of a kind pieces that are difficult to reproduce exactly and the article numbers and line sheets have stressed me out immensely as I constantly received new stones that had to be added.

Therefore no wholesale but I am happy to consider collaborations and exclusive lines just for that store, which gives me more freedom.

CAN i send you my own stone to have it set?

Yes, please send a photo of it and I’ll have a look. I only work with raw pieces (not polished). I have set a wisdom tooth before that a customer brought in (absolutely clean and shiny, luckily) and I set it in gold for her, it looked amazing actually. But I have also set many stones from customers that they had since childhood or were given as a gift.

Where can I see the pieces?

As I don’t do wholesale anymore (see above) and the chapter of my store Le Monde Nallik in Berlin has been closed for more personal freedom, I am afraid only online. But, there are events I do in between and since I travel a lot I am announcing where I am on Instagram or the blog and you can always book a consultation, either for learning about stones or viewing and trying on the current pieces, or both!

I’d love to meet you personally and help with choosing. I do that on skype as well.


Can I book you for a photo session?

Yes, you can. Again, it depends on when I am where but if you get in touch, I can quickly clear this up and we can discuss what you want to have shot. I used to work regularly as editorial photographer for German magazines with a focus on portraiture and additionally I have done everything from lookbooks, business portraits and friends’ children, pregnant couples, weddings, you name it. I work mainly with available light as I love how natural it is.

Can we approach you for charity?

I have done charity work with my former company Nallik and if it is a good fit (i.e. women’s rights, animals, environment) I’d love to see how I can get involved.

Can I offer you trading of products?

I am big fan of trading instead of spending money.

I have traded necklaces for high end haircuts, necklaces for models for a shoot, either photography or necklaces for yoga or osteopathy sessions etc.

I love a bit of unconventional methods and this especially shows if, when done genuinely, can be a win-win for both.