I am at peace in wild nature. I can feel inner chatter melting away and becoming still, breathing becomes deeply again, the chest opening wide. My fascination for crossing country borders is only surpassed by an entranced joy when climbing through new terrain to find and sometimes dig for stones. I set them into gold or silver.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and exploring nature all over the world is my biggest passion. Drawn to the US’ wide spaces, Africa and the desert especially, I have travelled to over 50 countries and lived in five different states over the years (Finland; California; New York; Berlin; London) from where I could venture out.

I have recently returned from walking the Camino de Santiago, 815 km, from France to Spain.

Read more about my background and my previous company Nallik here.

COURAGE my dear: “COEUR” - the heart

Courage stems from the french word “coeur” and it literally means being brave enough to listen to your hearts`calling - and following it. It then becomes a forceful light in the dark which can never be achieved by only rationally thinking about it.

Most people shy away from it, as the heart could say things the mind doesn’t allow, so they go about their daily ways and numb it out. It will find its way out though, eventually, as we are not here to ignore our purpose.

As a small child, about two years old, I climbed out of my baby bed, somehow managed to put on my yellow rain boots and wobbled out the apartment while my mother was in the kitchen cooking. I made it all the way through the village up the road to my grandmother’s house and was then fed lemons which for some reason were my favorite food then. At that time in the German Federal Republic we didn’t have a phone, so my mother, after suffering a near heart attack upon finding the empty bed and open apartment door, ran up the road shouting my name in all directions, only to find me at my grandmother’s kitchen table.

This is my first memory in life. I love it because it describes a big part of me: the instinct to leave the warm comfort zone and venture out into the unknown.